People in Herefordshire are not keen on the idea of speed limits in the county’s towns and villages being cut to 20mph.

A poll with Hereford Times story yesterday (September 13) found readers opposed to the idea by a margin of over two to one.

The story reported a meeting in Hereford planned by transport campaigner Professor John Whitelegg, to press for progress locally on the increasingly widespread policy.

But with 400 votes cast by early afternoon today, 274 readers opposed the idea compared to just 126 who favoured it.


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Reader andyhereford called it a “stupid idea”, saying: “It may cause less injuries but will cause more accidents as people will be constantly looking down at the speedometer.”

Bunkerhill wrote: “No, no, no, no, no! Pedestrian fatalities are almost unheard of in Herefordshire towns or the city already. Don’t let this man impose his agenda on Herefordshire.”

But Stevey Steve commented: “Absolutely decrease the limit to 20mph, there are far too many morons driving fast.”


And Stan_Laurel said reducing speed limits on countryside roads is “equally important… to make speed more consistent thereby reducing pollution and fuel use”.

Herefordshire Council was asked whether its officials had looked into the viability of bringing in such a change in the county as asked to by councillors over three years ago, but did not reply.

Meanwhile in the Commons today, Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt MP called the Welsh Government's plans to introduce 20mph limits across urban areas from this weekend “absolutely insane”.