A CAMPAIGN is underway to save two iconic Herefordshire statues.

A pair of lions have stood at the front door of the Grange Court in Leominster for almost 100 years but have become heavily cracked due to wear and tear, with locals increasingly concerned that they will not survive the winter.

As a result, the ‘Save The Lions’ initiative has been launched to raise funds to repair the damage before the sculptures are lost forever.

A quiz night in support of the scheme has already been hosted, with a family fun day last Saturday (September 9) raising almost £1000.

There are plans for a second quiz night in October and an art piece depicting one of the statues is currently up for auction.

A spokesperson for Grange Court said: “For as long as most people can remember there have been two ‘stone’, actually concrete, lions, one on either side of the front door of Grange Court and they are very much associated with Grange Court in local peoples’ minds; children sit on them, and bridal couples pose with them.

“They became known as the guardians of the Grange by local children when Guardians of the Galaxy became a thing on TV. Somebody once painted one of them red according to locals but no one’s ever confessed.”

“We are fundraising in the hope that if we cannot repair them to make them safe again, we can buy replacements.

“They are an integral part of the heritage of Grange Court and so very important to the Baker family and the people of Leominster for whom Grange Court and its lions have been preserved.”

Craig Carter, who manages the historic building, added: “We don’t want to lose the history and attraction of the lions.

“Interest in the campaign has been amazing, it's really bringing the town together.”