FINDING somewhere cheap to park in Hereford can be an arduous task for many, especially in light of the recent price hike. 

The council car parks in the city centre will set you back £14.40 for an eight hour stay, and even just a two hour visit is £3.60. 

However, if you don't mind a short stroll into town to do your shopping or to meet friends, then you can easily save some pennies. 


Here are seven of the cheapest car parks in Hereford 

Heart of Oak, Newtown Road

Hereford Times: It only costs £3 a day to park at the Heart of Oak pub in Hereford

The Heart of Oak, situated off the Newtown Road/Edgar Street roundabout, has been closed since 2016. However, you can still use its car park. Fees start at just £1 for two two hours, will all day parking being £3. 

Christian Life Centre, Edgar Street

Hereford Times:

Situated a short distance up Edgar Street is the Christian Life Centre's car park. Again, all day parking is just £3, while weekkly and monthly fees are £13.75 and £50 respectively. 

Horse and Groom

Hereford Times: The Horse and Groom car park in Eign Street is currently the cheapest place to park for a day in Hereford

The car park behind the Horse and Groom pub in Eign Street is another cheap place to leave your car in Hereford. 

A full day will also set you back £3, with its cheapest rate being £1 for two hours.  A full day will set you back £3 and it is approximately a 15 minute walk from the city centre. Its cheapest rate is currently £1 for two hours parking.

Friars Street

Hereford Times:

One of the council's cheapest car parks is Friars Street, in between Eign Street and Barton Road. All day parking there is just £5. 

St Martins (overflow)

The St Martins car park, next to Halo Lesiure Pool in St Martin's Avenue will also cost £5 for the whole day and is just a 10 minute walk to High Town over the river Wye.

Merton Meadow

This car park adjacent to Hereford FC's Edgar Street stadium is very convenient for shoppers who want to go to the Old Market. A day's parking will again set you back £5, with its cheapest rate being £1 for an hour.

Wall Street

The price to park for a full day at Wall Street is £8.

The car park's cheapest rate is £1.50 for an hour, but it is the closest car park to the centre of the city, within a five minute walk.