THE letters blurb says local issues are preferred.

Meanwhile, Jenin in the Israeli occupied West Bank of the river Jordan has been much in UK broadcasters’ international news recently on account of Israeli military bombardment of it that our mainstream news media could clearly show to people in their homes around Herefordshire and elsewhere in the UK.

Coincidentally, the Government of which Herefordshire’s two Conservative MPs are members, has tabled its Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill that would prevent public bodies such as local councils and universities from cutting ties with companies engaged in human rights abuses or environmental destruction in any foreign country.

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It has been argued that this Bill will stifle a wide range of campaigns for justice, erode local democracy and present a threat to freedom of expression.

Since 1967 the United Nations has consistently declared Israel’s occupation of the West Bank as illegal.

Now, perhaps all those who oppose asylum seekers being placed in Herefordshire might spare a thought for the phrase: “What goes around comes around”?