AN EXPERIENCED shearer is now a British record holder after shearing 706 lambs in eight hours.

Herefordshire born and raised Steve Rowberry, who now runs his own farm in Chapel Lawn, south Shropshire, has been shearing since he was 20.

The 34-year-old embarked on his attempt to make an eight hour lamb shearing record at Abbeydore in Herefordshire’s Golden Valley on August 4, aiming to set a new British record and try to beat the world record of 754 lambs held by Jack Fagan.

He managed an impressive 181 lambs in the first run, 180 in the second, 176 in the third, and 169 in the fourth, falling short of the 754 needed to take the world title, but taking the British title.

Mr Rowberry said he enjoys the opportunities shearing has given him, including the chance to travel the world while working, the camaraderie, and being paid to do something he loves.


Attempting the British record has always been a personal target, but Mr Rowberry decided to attempt the world record in memory of his youngest brother Fred, after his death last September.

Mr Rowberry said there are many inspirational people in shearing, but his host Frank Lloyd and Mark Allan have always inspired him. “For anyone wishing develop their shearing I would advise they attend as many British Wool courses as possible, listen to advice, ask questions, and travel the world for as much experience as you can,” he said.

Fundraising and support took place on the day for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital which is close to the family who hosted the record attempt’s heart.