I WONDER when this new council is going to start clearing gutters of weeds and rubbish that has rotted there over the last two years, and when the drains are going to be cleaned?

They are blocked, and some have ferns growing out of them. 


Some trees have grown so high that the dry spell has caused leaves to fall already due to the sap not rising to the higher branches, and the branches have now started to grow around telephone cables and poles.

I have a public footpath alongside my property. I clear any weeds, as does my neighbour opposite, but the rest is now so overgrown it is getting unsafe to walk on it.

What are your thoughts?

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We used to see the road sweeper, years ago, and I have a card with Balfour Beatty printed on it. It says that they do pothole repairs, ground maintenance, street cleansing, public right of way issues, and more, but they seem to have a contact with the council but do nothing for the residential areas.

We do pay rates, but the council would rather spend money in a town with lots of empty shops.