A NUMBER of people living in a north Herefordshire village have objected to plans to build 23 new homes. 

Pipe Homes Plc has put forward a proposal for the development on land at Tenbury Road in Brimfield.

A previous application for 15 open market houses and five affordable homes, together with an estate road, allotments with car parking and a children's play area was approved in 2016. However, it wasn't implemented and has now expired. 

A subsequent application for 26 affordable homes was then withdrawn in 2021. The new proposal includes 12 open market homes consisting of seven three-bedroom, and five four-bedroom properties. 


The remaining houses will be three two-bedroom affordable rent homes, two three-bedroom shared ownership homes, and three three-bedroom discount market homes. At present, Citizen Housing is the preferred registered provider. 

Each home will have off road parking with a minimum of two spaces provided, with garage parking offered to three four-bed properties. 

A new footpath will also be provided along Tenbury Road, aimed at creating convenient pedestrian access to the village. 

A planning statement provided by Harris Lamb Property Consultancy on behalf of the applicant says: "It has been identified in the development plan in this instance consists of the Hereford core strategory and the Brimfield and Little Hereford neighbourhood plan. 

"The core strategy identifies Brimfield as a sustainable location to deliver housing. The neighbourhood plan allocates a site for a residential development of approximately 20 dwellings subject to the scheme reflecting the distinctive character of the village and demonstrates that the proposal positively responds to its established context."


However, Chris Slicer says that the village is too small for the extra houses. 

"I suppose the good side is we only need a few more developments then we could apply for city status: Brimfield City has a nice ring to it," he said. 

Joanne Tilby added: "We are the nearest neighbours to this development and we wholeheartedly object to this and any other sort of development in the future being built here, due to the impact it will have on our privacy, our property."

However, Jane Jones supports the application. She said: "We need some medium size homes for people who want to move to a slightly bigger home and a small number of smaller ones. 

"Local sites have waiting lists for this type of home and think we need one more site like this in Brimfield."

Karen Yates, clerk of Brimfield and Little Hereford Parish Council, said that, although the parish council would like to see the plot developed in accordance with the Neighbourhood Development Plan, they have some concerns. This includes there being no properties suitable for older/disabled people, there are ongoing concerns about connecting new properties to the existing sewerage system, and speeding traffic causes safetly issues for pedestrians. 

"We remain concerned with any large development in our parish that a lack of local infrastucture leaves local services struggling to cope," she said. 


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