Hereford’s new traffic-free cycle track for training and competition is less than two months away from opening to the public.

This week the final tarmac layer is going on the one-kilometre loop, according to Richard Preece, business development manager at Halo Leisure which manages the project as well as the neighbouring running track and sports pitches within the city’s racecourse.

After years of planning and securing funding, work on the ground started in January, and already includes “street lighting” to allow the track to be used after dark. A “social area” of modular buildings has yet to be installed.


The project’s emphasis is on covering the needs of all cyclists, including a dedicated Learn to Ride area for children.

“One cycle club working with children currently has to use the College of Art car park,” Mr Preece said. “This is integral to getting young people cycling.”

Hereford Times: An aerial view of the installation of the track from earlier this year An aerial view of the installation of the track from earlier this year (Image: Halo Leisure / Cadsite Services)

At the other end of the scale, “There will be eight to ten competitive events a year in different categories here, some of which you will have to qualify for,” he said.

“But the real outcomes are about health, safety, community and inclusivity.”


Halo is working on the project with Hereford Cycle Hub, a community interest company which already refurbishes second hand bikes and teaches workshop skills in the city.

An official opening date has been penned in for September 29. “But we hope to welcome people from early September,” Mr Preece added.

“There have been challenges, it has required tenacity. But if this was easy it would already have been done.”

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As with other Stronger Towns projects, the initial government funding has unlocked additional funding from other sources in this case Sport England, which together will cover the lion’s share of the £1.6 million price tag.

Herefordshire Council, Hereford City Council, and British Cycling are also contributing.

Meanwhile around £385,000 of the £450,000 needed to resurface the neighbouring running track, not part of the StrongerHereford package, has now been raised, Mr Preece added.