CHUNKS of plaster have fallen from Ledbury Market House.

Robert Greening spotted the damage and warned people in the town that if another piece goes, it could hit someone's head. 

Angie Price, Town Clerk at Ledbury Town Council, said that the council is looking to repair it. 


"It does appear to be just this one panel, however we are arranging for an expert to carry out an inspection to confirm this and also to provide a quote to make the repair, which we hope will be carried out as soon as possible," she said.

"The panels are constructed of lime mortar, which is a specialist material that requires very specific undertaking when being repaired and we will be ensuring that any contractor engaged to carry out the repairs is suitably qualified in heritage works.

"To this end we have been provided with a list of suitable contractors via our technical advisers who have been contacted to ask if they would be able to provide a quote for this repair work.

"As soon as these have been received, council will be asked to approve which contractor to use and the work booked in.

"In the meantime we are monitoring the condition of other panels on the Market House."