A Herefordshire resident has appealed at attempts to have two residential mobile homes cleared from his land, claiming these are only there while he does up his house.

Herefordshire Council served an enforcement notice on Will Keysell of 2 Hazeldene, Kingsland near Leominster on April 26, giving him six months from the start of June to vacate the homes, and a further two months to remove them altogether.

The notice said the mobile homes “represent a poor quality development uncharacteristic of the area, and the occupation of them results in harm to the amenity of the occupiers of the adjacent property”.


But Mr Keysell has hit back with a formal appeal against the notice, with his agent saying: “The caravans are lived in by the owner and resident of 2 Hazeldene whilst he renovates the property.

“They are used in a manner ancillary to the dwelling whereby planning permission is not required for their stationing on the land.”

Government-appointed planning inspector Adewale Ajibade confirmed that he had received appeal forms and documents from Mr Keysell, that these were valid, and that the appeal process was under way.

Representations on the appeal, numbered 3323354, can be made to Mr Ajibade by July 24.