A HUSBAND and wife in Leominster are asking people to sign a petition in the town centre in response to Barclays announcing that it will be closing its branch.

David and Liz Watkins say they are 'incensed' by the news, fearing that the closure would have a 'huge impact on the fragile  local economy as well as disenfranchising  members of the local community.'

Barclays will be closing in Corn Street on September 1, with the bank saying many of its customers are now choosing to use its app or online and telephone banking services.

However, with Halifax also announcing that its West Street branch will be closing on November 13, it means that Leominster will be left with only two banks or building societies.


"I have written to  the Bishop, the local MP and the chief executive of Barclays, and  have  been  in touch with  my local  councillor," said Mr Watkins.

"My  wife and I plan to have a stand in the market on Corn Square in Leominster on June 30 to encourage  all vested parties to sign a petition.

"The closure will be another hole in what the  town has to offer visitors and locals.

"It  is  felt that  potential users of the bank will now not shop in the  town and will continue to do so in Hereford.  The local economy appears vibrant at the  moment but it is felt any green roots are quite fragile.


"There is disenfranchisement of non-internet customers. Older customers and non-internet users will struggle and disabled customers may not find  getting to Hereford easy.

"The branch is busy. I recently  tried  to make a  face-to-face  appointment to see a personal banker and had to wait  a few weeks

"There is often a queue for the one remaining counter. There will be a loss of human contact for elderly customers - the bank tellers know a lot of the customers by name, so this continuation will suffer.

"The nearest customer service will be Hereford, so a long round trip by bus or train or one cannot drive, plus there is the carbon foot print of driving and parking in Hereford is not good.

"Having an empty property in a busy street is not good for the image of the town."

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