A FRUSTRATED Herefordshire border driver says she was left waiting for the RAC to tow her broken-down car to her preferred garage for more than 24 hours.

Liz Lewis, 69, of Clungunford, said she first called the rescue service at 11am on May 30, after her car broke down at her home.

A mobile mechanic was soon sent to her home, Mrs Lewis said, but found that the car would need to be taken to a garage for repairs, and a tow truck was ordered.

Mrs Lewis said she was told that the tow truck would not arrive until 8pm that evening.

"I said that was no good as the garage would be shut," she said, stating that her local garage, some three miles from her home, has barriers in place across the entrance at night and that the tow truck would not be able to enter the site to drop off the car.


But, to her surprise, at 11.45pm that night she received a call to say that the tow truck had arrived at her home.

"I said you can take it by all means, but the garage will be shut," Mrs Lewis said.

By the morning of May 31, the car was still on her drive, and Mrs Lewis says she called the RAC to make sure the car was being collected during the day.

"I spoke to a lovely lady and was told it would be collected by 10am," she said.

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But, by 1pm, the car had still not been collected and a frustrated Mrs Lewis said she had since struggled to speak to anyone at the RAC.

"Luckily it is at my house and I was safe, but what if it was on the side of the motorway or if I was stuck somewhere," she said.

"How many other people are in this situation?"

According to the RAC website, the service aims to get to breakdowns within 60 minutes.

The RAC has been contacted for comment.