A WOMAN was taken to hospital after her car left the road near Leominster.

Emergency services were called to Docklow, near Leominster, at 4.30am yesterday morning (Saturday). 

Posting on its Facebook page, Leominster Fire Station said the driver was trapped inside the vehicle.


"Crews from both pumps firstly worked to stabilise the vehicle and make it safe for the occupant, and for ourselves to work on," reads the post.

"Whilst one crew member was designated as caring for the casualty inside the vehicle, the door was removed so West Midlands Ambulance Service were able to gain access to fully asses her.

"Other crew members worked hard clearing trees and overgrowth, so when the casualty was released there was an egress route easily available for them. The casualty was left in the care of the paramedics once they were released.

"The road was closed by West Mercia Police while this work was been carried out, but was re-opened at approximately 7am."