MAGISTRATES have given a Leominster man another chance after he assaulted a passer-by in broad daylight.

Lukas Zilevicius, from Rainbow Street, attacked Adam Weightman after barging into him in a town car park on October 26, 2022.

Eleanor Peart, prosecuting at Hereford Magistrates Court, said the 21-year-old kicked Mr Weightman in the shin before aiming for his head. 

"He blocked the defendant by lifting his arm," said Ms Peart.

"The defendant then punched him in the face, then kicked him again in the leg.

"Adam Weightman says it was unprovoked and was frightened. He said the defendant was out of control and a danger to the public."


Mr Weightman's OPPO android smartphone - valued at £400 - was also broken during the assault. 

The court heard that Zilevicius already had a suspended sentence for actual bodily harm and had four previous convictions for battery, including assaulting an emergency worker. 

George Cousins, representing Zilevicius, said his client accepts he was drunk that day and was going through a tough period.

"He accepts he was abusive," said Mr Cousins.

"There was no kick to the head - his flip flop fell off. 

"There were a couple of kicks to the leg, and the victim said it lasted about 10 seconds."

Probation officer Lloyd Clarke told the court that Zilevicius 'is wary of people who he thinks have let him down', however he had not been in trouble for a years prior to this incident and has a partner.

Magistrates said they were willing to give Zilevicius another chance if he is willing to give the probation service another one.

They therefore imposed a 12 month community order, while Zilevicious also has to complete 15 rehabilitation activity requirements.

He was also fined £50, and told to pay £400 compensation.