I’M a recent college graduate. I have lived in Hereford for most of my life and grew up here.

Concerning the B word... about 28 per cent of the population of Herefordshire live in Hereford, the annual tax revenue for Herefordshire is about £380m.

Assuming the taxation ratios are the same, that’s about £105m revenue from Hereford.

In 2017 the council estimated the cost at £132m (western link), with inflation that’s about £165m.

So, with a PWLB loan and a 5 per cent rate, that’s about £209m over 10 years, or an average tax rise of 20 per cent.


I understand that a bypass would benefit more than just Hereford residents, but it wouldn’t be fair to make them also foot the bill, as they barely use the roads in Hereford and wouldn’t get much benefit bypassing Hereford if they work here.

Perhaps the best argument I’ve heard for the road is to provide an additional link if the Victoria Street or the Greyfriars Bridge becomes impassable but short of very serious damage, the bridge could be reinforced within a day or two, and emergency vehicles could go over the Old Bridge while emergency repairs take place.