UNDERCOVER police have been on patrol in a Herefordshire park as they work to battle a town's drug problem.

A recent meeting of Leominster Town Council heard from a group of year 10 and 11 students from Earl Mortimer College that they they do not feel safe in the town due to various issues including drug use, littering of drug paraphernalia and lack of street lighting in certain areas.

A local police officer, who was also at the meeting, said that they are aware of problems with drug use in the town, and are looking at ways to improve the situation.

The town's safer neighbourhood team, which consists of two police officers and two police community support officers, have recently carried out some undercover work in the Sydonia area of the town, which has had "positive results", the council heard.


A representative for the West Mercia Police team told councillors that the biggest improvements to the situation will be driven by locals reported instances of drug use, with dates and times, so that the team can investigate.

It was also suggested that funding could be investigated to improve lighting at the town's Sydonia park and that students ensure their mobile phones are always charged and to consider safety in numbers.

It was noted that the town council contributes to the cost of CCTV provision in the town, which currently has six CCTV cameras.

They are located at the junction of Rainbow Street and West Street, at the junction of Broad Street and Church Street, Corn Square, The Grange, Westbury Street, and at the junction of High Street and Etnam Street.