I WAS born and I have lived in Great Britain all of my life.

I can no longer look at it as Great Britain after the terrible injustice recently put upon Herefordshire farmer John Price.

I can remember a large Welsh farmer who took the winter grazing at John Price’s saying: “if you can find a better farmer in the country, take me to him!” 

He did to the river Lugg what the water board would have done when we were younger, and the villagers in Kingsland are so, so grateful to him, because it has reduced much of the flooding problem of their properties and the work was done at his own expense.

Next, here comes the Environmental Agency waving their clipboard and pens, probably young graduates with power under their belts, but too frightened to do the work that he has done.


I would guess that these people have never seen food shortages.

I can remember my ancestors telling me about ration books in the Second World War.

To me it looks like the EA won’t be happy until the land is bog, scrub, briars and blackthorn. Then where will the food come from?


I noticed today that there have been numerous people signing a petition for John Price to go to appeal and when I looked last it was nearing 7,000 signatures, quite a few by local farmers and from far afield, non-farmers too!

I simply cannot understand, along with thousands of other people with the exception of the EA, why he was dealt such a heavy blow.

The EA seem to close a blind eye to the water firms pumping sewage into the seas.



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