By Bridie Adams

EVERY town has its ghost stories, but one of the spookiest tales in Hereford’s history must be the “grey lady” who haunts the former general hospital.

The story goes that the grey lady was a nurse who took her own life, and her ghost continued to offer patients help in the night.

When the ghost went to a patient’s bedside during the night, they would always make a miraculous recovery.


Wendy Fortey, who used to work at the hospital as a nurse, said that some of her colleagues would refuse to enter the attic, claiming to feel a shivering sensation when climbing the stairs.

Chrissy Price was also a nurse at the hospital, working night shifts across various wards for many years. She said that most reports of ghost sightings came from the ears, nose and throat department.

The hospital, originally known as the infirmary, was located on Nelson Street in Hereford, by the river, but has now been converted into apartments.

Whether or not the grey lady still haunts the building is a mystery...