ON my recent trip back to the UK to see my sister in Walford in the lovely Wye Valley I noticed Herefordshire is in the middle of an election cycle.

I was keenly involved in county politics and the Anglican Diocese of Hereford until my emigration to South Africa in the late 90s.

So I was intrigued to see during my trip that proposed candidates this year included a Church of England vicar (for the Liberal Democrats) and the headmaster of the Cathedral School in Hereford (standing for the Conservatives).


I must say this gives me a sense of unease. I believe the Church and politics must remain separate – after all, it is often the clergy who have to lobby the Government on behalf of those in need and this feels very much like a conflict of that interest.

My sister and family feel similarly it would seem and, disillusioned with party politics, will all be voting for an Independent candidate in May.


Cape Town, South Africa