THE lead singer of iconic Herefordshire band, the Pretenders wants to find one of her late bandmate's guitars.

Posting on social media, American rockstar Chrissie Hynde explained that she recently visited Hereford and had a long chat with Lynn Honeyman-Scott, the sister of the late James Honeyman-Scott.

Known as Jimmy, the guitarist was born in Hereford and helped form the Pretenders in 1978, along with Hynde and fellow Herefordians Pete Farndon and Martin Chambers.


The band's first single, a cover of the Kinks' Stop Your Sobbing, gained critical acclaim. In January 1980, the Pretenders reached number one in the UK with Brass in Pocket, which was also successful in the US.

Their self-titled debut album was also released in the same month, and has been regarded as one of the best debut albums of all time. Further success followed, however due to escalating drug abuse, Farndon was fired from the band on June 14, 1982. 

Two days later, Honeyman-Scott died of heart failure as a result of cocaine intolerance, aged just 25. He was buried at St Peter's Church in Lyde, just outside Hereford.


On the grave is one of Mr Honeyman-Scott's guitars, and Hynde said it is her wish to track it down and give it to guitar greats such as Johnny Marr or James Walbourne, who both played in the Pretenders.

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Dave Baldwin said: "I often remember to salute Our Jim as I drive on the A49 into Hereford. Last Christmas I passed that way to visit relatives and as I reached Lyde and prepared to salute, the opening chords of 2000 miles rang out on the radio. Festive goosebumps.

To, Ross added: "Thanx for the pic of James' grave, very moving. His playing was so good, so distinctive. Was lucky enough to see the original lineup 3 times."

The Pretenders will be supporting American hard rock band Guns N' Roses at Hyde Park in London on June 30. Tickets can be purchased here.