A candidate for a Herefordshire ward in May’s elections has stepped away from Conservatives, saying the party is “full of fascism”.

John Jones had been earmarked to stand for the Conservatives in the south Hereford ward of Saxon Gate, currently held by Independents for Herefordshire councillor Gemma Davies.

Last Saturday (March 11) Hereford and South Herefordshire Conservatives posted on its Facebook page: “Due to personal reasons, John Jones is no longer standing for the Conservatives in Saxon Gate at the Herefordshire Council elections in May.

“We will announce a new Conservative candidate soon.”

Hereford Times: H&SHCA's announcementH&SHCA's announcement (Image: H&SHCA)


But Mr Jones commented below: “I just want to let everybody know that I have decided not to stand for Conservative.

“I cannot support a party that is full of fascism and so far right. I believe in humanity and caring for others and not dictation [sic] and that's where I think the Conservative party is heading and I can't be a part of it!”

Hereford Times:

In an apparent reference to the Government’s recent efforts to pass legislation preventing migrants arriving in Britain by boat, he said: “I believe that all humans should have the same rights and not tarnish people illegal because they want a safe place to live.”

Among his other reasons for not supporting the party was “Not given NHS staff pay rise making sure MPs have a pay rise.”

He confirmed: “I still will be running to become counsellor [sic] for Saxon Gate… but I will bring dignity, honesty and transparency with me.”

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