A VILLAGE is calling on roads bosses to cut the speed limit on the A49 north of Hereford before someone is killed.

The A49, a main trunk road from north to south Herefordshire, has seen a number of crashes over recent years at Wellington Marsh, between Leominster and Hereford.

Wellington Parish Council said it had been trying to get a speed reduction from 50mph to 40mph, or other traffic calming measures, since July 2019.


A spokesperson said there had been six crashes in recent memory, two of which saw cars smash into houses causing extensive damage.

"We want a speed reduction before someone is killed not after," they said.

They said the parish council has the full support of the local county councillor, but her influence is limited because the A49 is managed by National Highways and not Herefordshire Council.

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There have also been meetings with North Herefordshire MP Sir Bill Wiggin, but the parish council said National Highways "would not consider a speed reduction", with an idea of a speed indicator device, but the costs would be too high.

"We've put a lot of effort into this, but we seem to be on a wild goose chase," the spokesperson said.


"As half of the six incidents have happened since our meetings with our MP and Highways England, we feel more strongly than ever that we must fight for a speed reduction.

"The representative from Highways England told us it was their job to keep traffic moving and reducing speed limits did not do that.

"However, every accident has happened in an area where there are not just homes but a pedestrian pavement and as a parish council it is our job to look after our parishioners."