MILLIONS of pounds could be waiting to be claimed by the unsuspecting heirs of long lost relatives who were born or died in Herefordshire.

The Government's latest list of unclaimed estates, released on February 24, includes the names of people who were born or died in Herefordshire but left no will and had no known relatives.

When people die in these circumstances, their property, money and personal possessions are then passed onto the Crown. Relatives, even distant ones, then have 30 years in which to make a claim on the estate.

Here are the unclaimed estates in Herefordshire.

They could be worth very little... or they could be worth millions- and you could be the heir.

Helen or Helena Banas, spinster, died July 13 2008 in Hereford. Miss Banas was born on October 4, 1952 in Kensington and Chelsea, London.

George Burr, bachelor, died February 5 1999 in Hereford. Mr Burr was born on December 16, 1912. His place of birth is not known.

Louis John Campbell, marital status unknown, died in Wellington, Herefordshire, on June 19, 1996. His place and date of birth are not given.

Michael Patrick Clear, marital status unknown, died in Hereford on October 17, 2008. Mr Clear was born in Hammersmith, London, on January 30, 1957.

George Richard Drinkwater, bachelor, died on February 14, 2010 in Uckfield, East Sussex. Mr Drinkwater was born on March 7, 1928 in Ross-on-Wye.

Terence Evans, bachelor, died in Pontypool, Gwent, on May 9, 2000. Mr Evans was born on September 3, 1939 in Hereford.

Joan Margaret Fraser, born Jenkins, widow of Peter Malcolm Fraser, died in Hereford on September 15, 2009. Mrs Fraser was born on November 23, 1915 in Cambridge.

Roger Lesley George Haycraft, bachelor, died in Leominster on August 12, 2018. Mr Haycraft was born on July 13, 1938 in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Nora Jones, spinster, died in Hammersmith, London, on December 21, 1995. Miss Jones was born in Hereford on January 18, 1913. She is known to have had at least one sister, Elsie Beryl Horrell, died March 21, 1994 in Cardiff.

Patricia Anne Langley, died February 8, 2021 in Hereford. Ms Langley was born on October 20, 1940, in Worcester.

Ernest Lionel Merchant, widower, died in Hereford on September 26, 1998. Mr Merchant was born in Wolverhampton on July 16, 1918.

Anthony Mulenga, marital status unknown, died in Hereford on January 22, 2005. Mr Mulenga's date and place of birth are not known.

Annie Nunan, marital status unknown, died in Malvern on November 23, 1996. Ms Nunan was born in Ireland on June 19, 1902.

Olwyn Muriel Oliver, born Vaughan, widow, died in Hereford on August 18, 1999. Mrs Vaughan was born in Cardiff on March 28, 1923.

Daniel Llewellwyn Price, marital status unknown, died in Malvern on November 17, 1994. Mr Price was born in Cardiff on November 24, 1909.

Charles James Seaborne, marital status unknown, died in Hereford on December 30, 2019. Mr Seaborne was born in Hereford on July 14, 1937.

Jacqueline Ann Shields, spinster, died in Ross-on-Wye on April 23, 2019. Miss Shields was born on July 10, 1965, in Gloucestershire.

Reginald Percy Walters, widower, died in Bristol, Somerset, on June 3, 2000. Mr Walters was born in Hereford on July 5, 1911.

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