I AM deeply concerned for children in my community and right across Britain.

No matter what’s happening in the country or the economy, no child should ever go hungry.

But last year, four million children were living in households that went short of food.

These households are our neighbours, our colleagues, our families. This government should be ashamed.

Extending free school meals to every child in primary school is one thing the Prime Minister could do today to ease the pressure on every family during these difficult times. It would ensure every child gets a healthy, hot school dinner, every day.


It’s a no-brainer. In England, free school meals are universal up to year two. Why do we stop feeding children at school when they turn seven?

Scotland and Wales are rolling this out already. Children in England deserve no less. On March 24, the Free School Meals for All Bill is due for its second reading in Parliament. I want to see every MP back this Bill.

We can get this done. It just takes the political will and moral clarity to do what’s right.



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