Several bus services in Herefordshire have been cancelled today as a company struggles to cope with staff sickness.

Lugg Valley Travel, based in Leominster, said it regretted to announce that 11 services which be cancelled on Friday due to the problems.

The company, owned by the Yeomans family which runs the bus company in Hereford, said another four would be delayed.


It apologised to customers for any inconvenience caused to their journey today (February 24).

"Our team our trying their hardest to keep as many services running as possible today," the company, based in Southern Avenue, said.

"Thank you for your patience and understanding."

These are the services cancelled:

• [490] 8.15am Leominster to Ludlow

• [490] 9.05am Ludlow to Leominster

• [404] 10.33am Leominster to Morrisons

• [404] 10.45am Morrisons to Leominster

• [403] 11.05am Leominster/Newlands Circular

• [490] 12.35pm Leominster to Ludlow

• [490] 1.15pm Ludlow to Leominster

• [496] 2.05pm Leominster/Shobdon Circular

• [403] 3.05pm Leominster/Newlands Circular

• [404] 4.13pm Leominster to Morrisons

• [404] 4.25pm Morrisons to Leominster


The following services will be delayed today for the same reason:

• [496] 12.05pm Leominster/Shobdon Circular (15 minutes)

• [492] 2pm Leominster to Hereford (20 minutes)

• [492] 2.45pm Hereford to Leominster (20 minutes)

• [490] 2.45pm Leominster to Ludlow (15 minutes)