A HEREFORD OnlyFans model says he quit his apprenticeship and went on to make £42,000 on the website.

Oli Morris, 20, started using the social media app TikTok where he has racked up 142,700 followers posting short videos.

But starting an OnlyFans page, where subscribers pay a monthly fee to see his topless content, began as a joke with his friend.


But it "turned out better than we thought" and they realised there was "quite a bit of money to be made". He now also sends more explicit content for users to buy via direct messages.

After promoting the link on his TikTok page, where videos have received 4.8 million likes, Mr Morris said subscribers "started to come flying in".

"I started doing OnlyFans properly near the start of 2021," Mr Morris, a former Herefordshire and Ludlow College pupil, said.

"It was hard to start it off but with the likes of Twitter and TikTok, I used them to promote it. I have a big following on TikTok so I put my OnlyFans link in my TikTok bio and subs started to come flying in then.

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After starting the page while at college and doing an apprenticeship in 2021, he said he made £12,000.

But in 2022 he decided to "ditch" college and the apprenticeship to put more commitment into OnlyFans. That year he made another £30k.

"All I post really are me topless in underwear etc and then videos of me with girls are for the messages which are pay-per-view," he said.


"I originally started it as a joke with one of my mates because we thought it would be a laugh but turned out better than we thought, and actually realised that there’s quite a bit of money to be made on this website so we stuck at it and have made a nice amount since."

His earnings from the website, which rose in popularity in 2020, has seen him afford to spend four months in the party destination of Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

Mr Morris is planning to return this year.