A THIEF has avoided being locked up after committing multiple offences while subject to a suspended prison sentence.

Danny Biddle entered guilty pleas to five counts of theft when he appeared before magistrates in Kidderminster in February.


The court heard from prosecutor Eleanor Peart that the 19-year-old had stolen a quantity of vapes from Leominster's Morrisons supermarket on January 5, and a burger and confectionary from Leominster's Co-operative supermarket on February 8.

Hereford Times:

He had also stolen fire lighters from the Leominster Co-operative supermarket on February 9, and a chocolate trifle and confectionary from the same supermarket on the same date, the court heard.

Biddle, of Foster Crescent, Leominster, was ordered to pay compensation of £38.50 to Co-operative and £58 to Morrisons.

Magistrates said they had taken his guilty pleas into account and that they would not be activating his suspended sentence, which was imposed by Hereford magistrates in January, as the new offences were low-level thefts and his probation programmes "haven't really started yet".

No order for prosecution costs was made to allow compensation to take priority.

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