A NEW vision for a central Hereford spot has been revealed, and your suggestions for ways in which St Peter's Square in Hereford could be improved are wanted.

"St Peter’s Square, full of listed buildings including a medieval church and our classical Shire Hall," says councillor Jeremy Milln, "is Herefordshire’s best civic space. With its dignified War Memorial, it is where the Armistice Day service and Remembrance Day parade are held. Colourful planting, looked after by Hereford in Bloom, gives it bit of cheer. It ought to give our visitors reason to pause and take pleasure. It ought to be a place to meet friends for a chat, perhaps over a coffee al fresco."


Cllr Milln asks "Where have we gone wrong and what could we do to put it right?

"Ideas for uniting the Memorial, currently treated as an incident in a traffic island, with the rest of the square and improving the views of the Shire Hall, so marred by the bus shelters, have been around for years. We need a good drawn scheme, so that, should some grant funding be found to implement it, we are ready.

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Inspired by a conversation through their shared membership of Hereford Civic Society, Darren Ray, a senior designer with Border Oak, has, in his own time and at no cost, come up with a scheme for the space. Based on a concept sketch by Cllr Milln, Mr Ray has created drawings for a shceme that reunites the Memorial and restores the views of the Shire Hall. "The idea is to make the Square as people-friendly as possible.

Hereford Times: An artist's impression of how the square could lookAn artist's impression of how the square could look (Image: Darren Ray)

"It clears the parking from in front of St Peter’s Church and Tanners, which may be controversial (the loading is retained). It provides much quieter, safer space for pedestrians and a more logical continuation for the St Owen Street cycle contraflow. Full vehicular access to businesses is preserved, as is disabled parking, a taxi rank and bus stops."

Cllr Milln is inviting constructive suggestions for improving St Peter's Space and would welcome comments, which should be sent to jeremy.milln@gmial.com.