HUNDREDS of homes in Hereford are without power this afternoon.

National Grid confirmed that they are aware of a power cut in the HR2 area of Hereford, which was reported at 5.08pm today (January 13).

"We are aware of this power cut incident which was raised at 5.08pm this evening and our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible," a spokesperson said. 

"We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you."

When will the power be back on?

Currently, 796 properties in the area are without power due to a high voltage incident, National Grid said, with the power expected to be restored by 7pm.

Who is affected by the power cut?

The following postcodes are affected by this incident:

HR2 6GE, HR2 6GH, HR2 6HE, HR2 6RH, HR2 6RJ, HR2 6RL, HR2 6RN, HR2 6RP, HR2 6RR, HR2 6RS, HR2 6RT, HR2 6RU, HR2 6RW, HR2 6RX, HR2 6SA, HR2 6SB, HR2 6SD, HR2 7EW, HR2 7NF, HR2 7NL, HR2 7NN, HR2 7NP, HR2 7NR, HR2 7NS, HR2 7NT, HR2 7NW, HR2 7PL, HR2 7PN, HR2 7PP, HR2 7PR, HR2 7PS, HR2 7PT, HR2 7PU, HR2 7PW, HR2 7QA, HR2 7QB, HR2 7QH, HR2 7QJ, HR2 7QN, HR2 7QQ, HR2 7RF, HR2 7RR, HR2 7RS, HR2 7RX, HR2 7RY, HR2 7RZ, HR2 7SA, HR2 7SB, HR2 7SW, HR2 7SZ, HR2 8AA, HR2 8AB, HR2 8BJ, HR2 9NQ