A plan to turn the floors above a shop in the heart of Hereford into two flats has been approved.

The bid put forward by London-based developer Gora UK was to convert the “unused and substandard” space above a narrow shopfront currently occupied by a mobile phone shop at 2 High Street, next to the city’s Marks & Spencer store.

Covering 50 and 63 square metres, the “compact” one-bedroom flats would suit single people or couples, Gora’s application said.

They would be accessed through an “enhanced” secure entrance from East Street to the rear, where a “small” extension above would allow for the new stair to access both upper floors.


The only impact on the front of the building would be new double-glazed, timber-framed windows on the upper floors.

Planning officer Laura Smith concluded that the flats would be in “a highly sustainable location” and that no amenity, highway safety, biodiversity or drainage concerns had been raised.

“The proposal offers reasonable quality city-centre accommodation… within ready walking distance of all the facilities available in the locality,” she said.

An earlier bid by the same firm to turn the property into nine bedsits was withdrawn last April.

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