A POPULAR Herefordshire garage has launched a competition to name its fuel pumps, with voting now underway.

Drivers heading to Griffiths Garage, in north Herefordshire, will soon be telling the cashiers their pump's name, rather than number, after members of the public were invited to suggest names for the public vote.

The garage, in the heart of the village, is widely thought to be one of the cheapest in the county, with the prices at the pumps regularly below the national average.

The names were shortlisted, and voting opened in December, with 'PumpyMcPumpface' storming up the leaderboard by December 23.

Vin Diesel, Sozzle Nozzle, Grumpy Pumpy, Phil the Tank, Unleaded Zeppelin, Emission Impossible, and Prince Philit were not far behind, while Dame Vera Lynn was lagging at the bottom of the table.


Other notable entries include Trumpy Pumpy, Benedict Pumperpatch, Englebert Empty Tank, Jacob Re-Smog, and Geri-Can Halliwell.

You can click this link to see all the names in the running and choose your favourite.

In an update this morning (December 28), the Leintwardine garage team, known for their lighthearted social media posts, said the competition to name their four pumps has currently received 370 votes.

Vin Diesel has edged into the lead, with 119 votes, while Pumpy McPumpface is clearly still a favourite, with 101 votes.

Sozzle Nozzle and Grumpy Pumpy are in third and fourth place, with 97 and 93 votes respectively.

Owner Alex Griffiths said the competition had been launched after a customer suggested it when they had their new pumps installed.

"We thought it would be a bit of fun," he said.

"We selected our new pumps on the basis they are designed and manufactured here in the UK, and it’s nice for our community to put their stamp on them too. We’ll do something silly with ribbons and balloons in the new year when we attach the winning names.

"A lot of people are voting, and the current favourite is Vin Diesel which is an absolutely solid name for a petrol pump, followed by PumpyMcPumpFace which we should have seen coming! 

"There’s a bit of a battle for third and fourth between Sozzle Nozzle, Grumpy Pumpy and Phil the Tank and a few other suggestions could swoop in and steal it before voting closes. We’re updating as the race goes on via our Facebook."

The competition will remain open until 11am on January 22, 2023, with voters able to choose their four favourite names.

Winning entries will be affixed to the pumps in the new year and will net the suggesting party a £50.00 fuel voucher and some goodies, the team said.

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