TWO people have been hurt as a car crash into a tree, closing a major road through Herefordshire.

Crews from Leominster fire station were called to a crash on Dinmore Hill, between Hereford and Leominster.

A blue BMW M5 had left the road crashing into trees and two casualties were found "walking wounded", said the spokesperson.

Pieces of the car were strewn across the verge, a picture from the fire service showed.

West Mercia Police warned drivers to avoid the area as the crash left the road closed.


The scene and casualties were left safe and in the care of the police.

The spokesperson also warned people to keep windows and lights clean and clear and consider travel distances.

"Please take care on the roads," said the spokesperson.


"It is still very cold out there and the road surfaces are re-freezing."

Firefighters were called to the scene on their way back from helping to help paramedics with a casualty who was having a medical episode and had got stuck in a lift in town yesterday (December 12), said a spokesperson.

Using small tools firefighters were able to swiftly get the casualty into the care of paramedics, said the spokesperson.

The crew has asked people to allow plenty of time for their journey and drive to the conditions.