A DOCTOR'S surgery in Herefordshire has paid tribute to an amazing doctor who is leaving after almost being burnt out.

Kington Medical Practice, based on the edge of the north Herefordshire town in Eardisley Road, said Dr Silvana McCaffrey had been an amazing part of its team.

It said she will be missed, but it wished her all the very best for the future as she leaves the mainland UK this month.


Dr McCaffrey said that over the last year, she has had to support her daughter through challenges with her health.

On top of that, her 84-year-old mother, sister and daughter live in Italy. Her son has also now left Herefordshire, and this led to her re-evaluating where she lives and works.

"My family has come second to my job for 29 years and it is now time to reverse this," she said.

"We have one life to live on this Earth and I need to be nearer to the family I have previously sacrificed to my vocation."

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She said working in Kington had been the honour of her career.

"I will genuinely miss you and you will be in my heart and on my mind," she said.

But while she does not believe she has burned out, she "very much" believes she was 90 per cent there when making the decision to leave.

"Kington Medical Practice continues to develop and strives to improve in a very challenging time in the NHS," Dr McCaffrey, who has also been clinical director for the North and West Primary Care Network, said.


In that role, she spearheaded the Covid vaccine rollout across a large part of the county.

"Recruitment efforts are ongoing, but a lack of GPs is a national problem," she said.

"Kington has an excellent clinical team and the ethos of patient centred, cradle to grave family medicine will continue.

"I will be leaving the UK mainland and the NHS in mid-December but please rest assured that planning for my departure has been underway and we are aiming for minimal disruption.

"I wish everyone in Kington all the best for the future."

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