ALL pubs in Herefordshire have been made aware of a scheme which aims to keep women safe, a council has said.

Dormington and Mordiford Group Parish Council said all the pubs in Herefordshire have been told of the "Ask for Angela" scheme.

The pubs will be there to help anyone who feels uncomfortable and needs some help to get out of a situation in a discreet way, the council said.

When someone asks a staff member for Angela, they can offer to take the person asking for help to a part of the venue not in sight of the public or potential threat so that they can talk.

They can also offer to call the person a taxi or help them in calling a friend/family member to come and collect them, or, where safe to do so, request the person causing the distress to leave the venue.

The venue can also call the police if the person asks.

The idea might seem quirky, but pilots in Merton and Lincolnshire have shown that it is a simple and effective way to stop uncomfortable encounters potentially escalating into violence or sexual assault.