A plan to build three bungalows in a Herefordshire village that drew nearly 50 objections locally has been refused permission.

A Mr C Hatt, thought to be Worcester-based developer Clive Hatt, had applied to build the homes on an acre of paddock south of Llangrove.

Llangarron parish council “strongly” objected to his application, saying it did not take account of the village’s development plan approved earlier this year, which put the site outside the village’s boundary.

It also raised concerns over the plan’s likely impact on the “directly adjacent” Tretawdy nature reserve and the wider river Wye special area of conservation, and over road safety.


A claim in the application that the homes would be “sustainable, with good access to local services and facilities without the private car”, was “false”, as such facilities are “extremely limited” in the village, which is served by just two buses a week, the parish council said.

It also drew 48 objections locally.

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Council planning officer Gemma Webster agreed with the parish council that the scheme did not fit with the neighbourhood development plan.

“Insufficient information” with the application meant it had also failed to show it would not harm the nearby protected woodlands and bats.

The “adverse impacts” highlighted by the parish and the public “would significantly outweigh the benefits of three additional dwellings to the parish”, she concluded.

Mr Hatt’s similar bid to build two, or possibly three, “dormer bungalows” on a nearby paddock also at the edge of the village, was refused earlier this month.