UK residents have been told to brace themselves for disruption amid Met Office weather forecasts for Southern Scotland, Wales, and South West England.

The national weather service has warned of spells of heavy rain and strong winds on Thursday (November 24), including in Herefordshire.

It has been reported by the Independent that the weather warning could see power cuts with infrastructure and supply at risk throughout the country.

This could plunge many into darkness amid falling temperatures and dangerous weather.

The rain is also likely to cause flooding of homes and businesses and is expected to impact bus and train services in parts of the UK with temperatures likely to be as low as -4C.

The yellow weather warning in Wales and the South West of England, covering the whole of Herefordshire, is set to last from 10am to 7pm tomorrow while the warning in South Scotland should last from 8am to 2pm.

Cloudy and rainy weather is expected to last throughout much of the week with some sunny spells.

Here is where the weather warning covers and what to expect:

Areas affected by the Met Office yellow weather warning

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings to the following areas for tomorrow (Thursday, November 24):

  • Wales
  • South West England
  • Northern Ireland 
  • Scotland

What to expect from the Met Office weather warning?   

South Scotland and Northern Ireland

  • The Met Office expects heavy winds that could cause delays to roads, rail, air, and ferry transport.
  • There may be severe delays to high-sided vehicles on exposed routes like bridges.

Wales and South West England

  • The Met Office expects spells of heavy rain that could cause spray and flooding on roads, making journey times longer.
  • There may be delays to roads, rail, air, and ferry transport.
  • There may be flooding of a few homes and businesses while high-sided vehicles may face delays.
  • Reports warn that there may be a risk of power cuts as weather impacts infrastructure and supply, plunging hundreds into darkness.

The BBC forecast

The BBC has predicted a wet and windy day throughout much of the UK, with the rest of the week experiencing cloudy and rainy conditions with small spells of sun.