A FORMER pupil of a Herefordshire school has turned a childhood dream into a reality as he releases a new interactive game.

Dexter Churchus is a former pupil of John Kyrle High School in Ross-on-Wye, and is currently living in Oxford.

He recently founded Word of Mouth Games, which has just released its first game, called Flip, Switch and Roll.


Flip, Switch and Roll is a dice and card game where two to eight players compete to match number cards with the dice in front of them.

To win, players must use switch cards to change the dice or sabotage other players.

Mr Churchus said that his new game adds chaos to any family gathering or board game night, and will change the way you look at dice forever.

He showcased his new game at this year's UK Games Expo, held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in June.

The game received great reviews at the event, and Mr Churchus said it has enjoyed excellent pre sales prior to its release last Thursday (November 10).


Mr Churchus decided during the Covid pandemic that he was going to take the plunge and start his new business and hasn't looked back since.

He said: "I’m a board game addict and playing countless games has turned my hobby into an obsession.

"Now I want to create games to introduce new and exciting game play to the world.

"The gaming community has given so much to me so it's nice to give something back

Mr Churchus said that he is excited to release the new game.

He said: "It’s taken a lot of hard work to get it to this stage, so we’re really chuffed to be able to share it with all of you.

"Flip, Switch and Roll is our first publication and showcases our innovative approach to game design.

"Our next game has already been designed and is due for publication next year."

The game is available for £18.99, from retailers and online at wordofmouthgames.co.uk.

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