A CONSUMER rights expert has set out your rights as a business with a Hereford shop is poised to go into administration.

Joules, which has a shop in Hereford's Old Market, revealed it is set to appoint administrators following a failure to secure a vital cash injection, putting some 1,600 jobs at risk.

READ MORE: Hereford jobs at risk as business set to go into administration

Lisa Webb, consumer rights expert at Which?, said: “The news that Joules is entering administration will be devastating for its employees, as well as a real concern for customers with orders placed – as exercising your rights is not always straightforward in these circumstances.

“When a company is in administration, it may not accept the return of items.


“Many customers may find themselves in a situation where items have not been delivered. It is always worth trying to claim for a refund in these situations, but customers should know it is not guaranteed. The cost of repairs for faulty items could still be claimed if they came with a warranty.

“If you’ve bought something on your credit card costing more than £100, the card provider is jointly responsible for any breaches of contract.

“You can claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if the item is faulty or not delivered.

“If you paid for goods that cost less than £100 on a credit or debit card, you may be able to claim under chargeback.”

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