Netflix's hit drama based around the British monarchy under the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II is set to return to our screens next week.

The long-awaited 5th season reportedly depicts the marriage and divorce of then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Who is the cast for The Crown season 5?

As with every season, this instalment of The Crown will take place years ahead of the last. Therefore the cast for season five will see some new faces take on the roles of the Royal family.

Imelda Staunton will play the late Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip will be played by Jonathan Pryce.

Jonny Lee Miller will take on the role of John Major, and Lesley Mansville and Princess Margaret.

The then Prince Charles will be played by Dominic West, with Princess Diana being played by Elizabeth Debicki.

Senan West will play Prince William and Olivia Williams will play Camilla Parker Bowles.

What date is The Crown released on Netflix?

The new episodes of The Crown will arrive on Netflix on Wednesday, November 9.

What time is The Crown on Netflix?

Netflix has not confirmed an official time that The Crown will be available to watch in the UK. However, the streaming giant typically releases shows at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time, which would be 7am GMT.

How many episodes will The Crown season 5 have?

Radio Times has reported that there will be 10 episodes for season 5, as there have been with other seasons.

Is The Crown a true story?

The Crown has faced mounting criticism over its depiction of events involving the royal family.

The show has faced recent criticism from former Prime Ministers Tony Bair and John Major for its depiction of events.

Tony Blair, who was Labour Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007, said its depiction of him was "complete rubbish".

Last month, Netflix put a disclaimer in the description of its YouTube trailer for the fifth series of The Crown, saying the production is a “fictional dramatisation” and “inspired by real events”.

The Crown season five will air on Netflix on November 9.