HEREFORDSHIRE'S TV gardener Monty Don has been posting pictures on social media of his cute new puppy... and it's gorgeous!

Monty brought the young golden retriever to his home at Longmeadow, near Leominster, earlier this month.

The youngster joins his two other dogs, Nellie, who is also a golden retriever, and Patti, a Yorkshire terrier.

The dogs often appear on screen with him as he presents his Gardeners' World programme on BBC Two on Friday evenings.

He has hinted that Ned is gradually settling in at Longmeadow, though his older dog, Nellie, is still a little wary of the new arrival.

In one of Monty's pictures on the Instagram social media platform Nellie is shown lying in her basket while casting a cautious eye towards the puppy.

In another, the adorable newcomer is seen snoozing in the sun while wrapped in Monty's gardening jacket.

It's clear from one picture in particular that Ned is making himself at home. He can be seen reclining – rather gracelessly – in an armchair, with Monty commenting wryly: "The important thing with puppies is to start as you mean to continue – no getting on furniture, don't jump up, keep away from meal times, be fair but firm.

"As you can see, it is all going exactly to plan..."

In one photo it is clear that little Ned does not allow the hurly burly of filming to interrupt his sleep!


A video clip is confirmation that Nellie and Ned are getting along just fine now.

... but watch out, Nellie, Ned is beginning to think he is king of the castle at Longmeadow!

We can't wait to see more of Nellie, Patti and Ned on our screens!

  • Monty is embarking on an autumn tour of speaking dates. His appearance at the Courtyard, Hereford, on October 29, is sold out, but there are others available. More information here