A Herefordshire village has been given the go-ahead to create a new park and play area.

Yarpole Parish Council was given permission last December for the change of use for a field off Brook Lane, which it acquired in 2019, to a community area.

It has now had its designs approved also, which feature an entrance gate, car parking and charging point, bicycle racks, a children’s play area and agility trail, circular walking track and a gazebo as well as new trees and shrubs.


The parish council said its design “has been informed through consultation in the parishes, and incorporates a number of features suggested by consultees”, and that it will “have minimum visual impact”.

The trees will be dotted in areas of longer grass, while a more closely mown area in the middle “will give the feeling of a clearing in an orchard, echoing the history of the site”, the council’s plan said.

Planning officer Amber Morris judged that the design was in line with national, county and neighbourhood planning policy. Details of the timber trail and fenced play area must still be approved.