THE speed limit on a major road in Herefordshire will be slashed from 70mph to just 30mph.

Herefordshire Council said cars and other vehicles on the A40 in Ross-on-Wye would have to abide by the lower speed limit for nine days due to roadworks.

It said that the lower limit for the A40 between Hildersley and Weston-under-Penyard would come into force on September 27.

In a public notice, the council said it was due to drainage works on or near the road and the likelihood of danger to the public while the works are taking place.

It is expected to take nine days, with the A40 a key route between Ross-on-Wye and South Wales.

Anyone caught speed could ultimately be fined up to £1,000.

For those who plead guilty, drivers will generally have to pay a £100 fine and have three points added to their licence, unless they're given the option to attend a speed awareness course.