Boris Johnson has given his farewell speech ahead of officially resigning as Prime Minister of the UK.

He will be replaced by Liz Truss, who was elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party yesterday.

Mr Johnson resigned as leader of the party in July following a wave of mass resignations of his cabinet and party.

In his speech today, Mr Johnson ran through what he felt he had achieved during his time in office.

Hereford Times:

He cited Brexit, the vaccine rollout and quick support for the Ukrainian people during the early days of the war with Russia.

However, he also appeared to take a shot at his fellow Tory MP’s, likening leadership of the party to a relay race.

He said: “The baton will be handed over in what has unexpectedly turned out to be a relay race. They changed the rules halfway through, but never mind that now.”

Speaking of his own future, Mr Johnson compared himself to a “booster rocket” jetting off into distant lands as he resigned his post.

But he called for his party to get support Liz Truss and unite behind her.

The outgoing Prime Minister added: “I say to my fellow Conservatives it is time for us al to get behind Liz Truss.

“It is time for us to deliver for the people of this country.

Hereford Times:

“I am proud to have discharged the promises I made to my party when you chose me.

“We are one whole and entire United Kingdom. Those that want to break it up can keep trying but they will never succeed.”

His replacement, Ms Truss, paid tribute to Mr Johnson in her speech following yesterday’s announcement of the Conservative Party leadership race.

Ms Truss said: “I would also like to thank Boris Johnson.

"Boris, you got Brexit done, you crushed Jeremy Corbyn, you rolled out the vaccine and you stood up to Vladmir Putin.

"You are admired, from Kyiv to Carlisle."