POLICE say they have found an illegal worker living in the back of a Herefordshire shop.

Judeamalathas Christian had applied to Herefordshire Council to have the premises licence for Brampton Stores, in Springfield Road, Ross-on-Wye, transferred into his name.

But as part of that process, West Mercia Police objected. It said the shop was subject to an investigation by West Midlands Immigration Compliance and Enforcement Authority.

Herefordshire Council's licensing sub-committee then decided on August 12 that it couldn't make the changes to the premises licence, which included making Mr Christian the dedicated premises supervisor.


West Mercia Police said Trading Standards raised concerns with the force regarding the living conditions for a member of staff living in a room at the rear of the shop premises after a visit in May.

The next month officers attended the shop and Mr Christian identified himself as the manager.

A man was allegedly found to living in a room at the rear of the premises that would not be deemed suitable, officers said in their objection to the committee.

While at the shop, police said the man, who was living in the shop's rest area, was committing offences under the Immigration Act and was arrested.

Police said Mr Christian would've been aware of this, but meeting minutes said his agent reported that the male had provided documents when first employed showing he had the right to work.


The home address of the male was in London, but Mr Christian had not checked any travel documents as it "was not his responsibility".

Mr Christian's agent had also said the male had not said about any change to his right to work status.

The agent said Mr Christian had not tried to mislead police.

The committee also heard that it was not clear why the male had given his address as being in Ross-on-Wye after his arrest.

There was also no furniture provided to store clothing or other items in the rest area as it was not a living space, the suitcase of clothing pictured reflected the travel between London and Ross-on-Wye.