A DISABILITY rights campaigner from Hereford has been the victim of a hate crime for the second time this year and worries that instances of this are on the increase.

Cameron Wood was returning from watching the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games when he was singled out and subjected to abuse.

Mr Wood said that the verbal attack was completely unprovoked and unjustified.

He said: "While travelling back from a great day watching sport at the Commonwealth Games with a friend of mine, I was targeted for abuse for who I am.


"As the train pulled in to Great Malvern a gentleman got off the service and decided to start banging on the windows next to where I was sat.

"He was then told to step away from the train as it was ready to depart.

"This then prompted him to get back on the train and to take offence to me for no reason."

Mr Wood said that while it is not the first time this year he has experienced abuse, both in person and on social media, it was the worst example of it that he had ever experienced, with the man calling him an obscene name several times.

He said: "He then told me to uncross my legs and get out of my wheelchair and off the train so that he could fight me."

Mr Wood has written to the Home Secretary, calling for the law covering hate crime to be examined.

He wants them to determine if the law can altered or changed so that suspects aren’t just given a slap on the wrists each time people are subjected to hate.

He said he was left 'shocked and scared' by the incident but will continue to live life to the full, and has resolved to get back to his normal life as soon as possible.

"Just because I am in a wheelchair doesn't give anyone the right to go around abusing me," Mr Wood said.

"I plan to start travelling on trains once again when I am able to do so and I will not let these idiots get in my way.

"I am proud of who I am and what I’ve achieved in my 26 years and I will not let anybody stop me from living my best life."