HOW right Joe Cocker (Opinion, July 28) is about the betrayal that was and is Brexit, with its tiny majority totally unrepresentative of Scotland and Wales.

Our National Health Service (promised millions) has seen nothing but starvation of funds and wages and an increase of underhand privatisation.

As an old person, support and a feeling of security has disappeared. 'Safe hands from cradle to grave' is now a myth.

Nurses continue to be over-worked and underpaid. Our NHS can’t live on applause.

Right across the board we’re on a downward slope. Our voting system is archaic and grossly unrepresentative.

Our youngsters are denied a choice of universities across Europe that provided not only a broadening of their education but healthy international friendships.

This country is being denied foreign labour which Herefordshire as a fruit-growing and agricultural county is feeling first-hand.

I could go on. Having lived through the Second World War, some of us learned that nationalism and hatred of foreigners doesn’t pay.


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