A BUILDING that once hosted a popular sports pub in Hereford will soon transform into a quirky new venue ran by passionate people wanting to improve the city.

Jam Factory will open in the old Exchange pub, in Widemarsh Street, which closed its doors a year ago.

The new venue will be a bar, music venue and eatery where people will find live performances from a mix of genres, quality and handcrafted alcoholic drinks, and Mexican vegan street food.

Owner Jordan Read, 27, and manager Marcin Zachara, 41, said their passion and experience in hospitality has allowed each element to be thought through and get the smallest details right for Jam Factory to be a great venue for all ages.


“We want it to be amazing,” said Mr Read.

The pair and head chef Annabelle Morgan, 30, want to bring something new and individual to Hereford, so that other venues that are currently in the city remain different.

“We don’t want to copy anyone else,” said Mr Zachara.

For them Hereford is lacking a more developed music scene and as a passionate musician himself Mr Read wanted to open somewhere where bands and DJs could perform.  

To begin all events will be free and the venue will be hosting local talent, but the future will lead into up-and-coming bands from all over coming to the new Hereford spot.

The trio expect the venue to be packed with people that have been waiting for somewhere like Jam Factory to open in the city.


“There is a massive gap in Hereford,” said Mr Zachara.

Working with local businesses is also a must for the team, from ingredients to who is completing on the newly renovated space.

“If we support them then they support us,” said Mr Zachara.

Inside the building has changed a great deal, with a new bar and flooring. But the upstairs room will be used as an area where people can go for a quiet cocktail away from the music or later for private parties or smaller events.

The pair said they have got even more surprises and secrets to come.