A HEREFORDSHIRE petrol station championed for its low prices has seen a change in the market.

Griffiths Garage in High Street, Leintwardine, is selling fuel at a much cheaper rate than other petrol stations in the county.

The garage was previously selling petrol 24p cheaper than the national average, leading to drivers queuing for fuel with prices at 161.9p per litre for petrol and diesel at 178.9p.

Director Alex Griffiths said been a further fall in the market hit pumps today (August 4), making its prices even cheaper at 157.9p per litre for unleaded and diesel at 169.9p.

Hereford Times: Honest garage owner Alex Griffiths from Griffiths Garage in Leintwardine. Picture: Rob DaviesHonest garage owner Alex Griffiths from Griffiths Garage in Leintwardine. Picture: Rob Davies


The national average is 180.7p and 190.75p for petrol and diesel, according to RAC Fuel Watch, meaning the garage in Leintwardine, is selling petrol at 22.8p below the national average.

The second cheapest petrol in Herefordshire can be found at Forge Filling Station, Wormbridge, for 169.9p and in Hereford, Hinton service station is cheapest at 172.8p.

Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss previously said she would be making changes to help decrease fuel prices.

She was asked why she did not reshape the regional pay policy if it had been misrepresented, rather than ditching it completely.

“I’m very clear we are not proceeding with this policy,” she told reporters in Ludlow.


“What’s important to me is that we support people at this difficult economic time by reversing the national insurance rise, by getting rid of the green energy levy to save people money on their fuel bills.

“That will be my focus as prime minister.”

But former chancellor Sajid Javid insisted Liz Truss’ plans would not necessarily fuel inflation or ramp up borrowing.

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