AN inventor from near the Herefordshire border has unveiled a new zero-emissions internal combustion engine he says will prove to be a global game-changer in the fight for clean air and climate change.

Berrow-Zeice founder Steve Berrow, from Crickhowell in Powys, has invented and patented a hydrogen-powered fuel system which takes in no air and delivers no exhaust resulting in zero emissions.

Mr Berrow is no stranger to eco-friendly fuel and has worked around engines and fuels for years.

He set up Wales' first commercial biodiesel plant in Tredegar in 2006, using waste oil from chip and kebab shops.


He also made the biofuel that ran the London leg of the Live Earth concert in 2007.

Current emissions-free vehicles either run on lithium batteries or hydrogen cells, the downside of both being the environmental impact of building new cars, lorries, and vans.

Other downsides include the newfound battery "electric stress" and the eye-watering cost of hydrogen cells for the consumer.

Mr Berrow said that his invention delivers 100 per cent fuel burn with zero emissions, delivering efficiency for drivers and a potentially world-changing reduction in carbon emissions.

He added that the innovation could be adapted to any engine, whether petrol or diesel, big or small, and would perform in the same way as any existing petrol or diesel engine.

Inventor Steve Berrow said: "This is truly a global gamechanger for the fight against climate change and I’m so excited by my innovation.

"I know that it works, I know how it works and why it works."

Mr Berrow believes that the technology, developed by himself, can make a huge positive impact on the environment.

He said: "Our technology can, if adopted, reduce the damaging impact of toxic emissions and have a significant positive impact on public health and the environment at large.

"This unique system has no air intake and no exhaust and to see the engine effortlessly spinning at 2000 rpm for hours on end and only emitting a small amount of water is absolutely amazing."

"The time for talking is over. It is now time to embrace this new technology and usher in the hydrogen highway."