AN internationally acclaimed artist from Bewdley says she's "devastated" after her valuable artwork was sold in a charity shop for £20.

An appeal has been launched by KEMP Hospice to find a unique etching of comedian Jasper Carrott, which was mistakenly sold at its charity shop on Load Street, Bewdley.

Bewdley artist Hilary J Baker, whose work has appeared in galleries all over the world, was privately commissioned to create the artwork by the funnyman.

She said her commissions start at £5,000 and she's previously completed work for actor John Hurt, comedian Jo Brand and footballer Trevor Francis.

The 60-year-old said: “The picture is a forensic etching print which required many visits to my Bewdley studio by Jasper, and I used his hair, fingerprints, blood and even spit in my unique forensic etching process.

"The picture means a great deal to me, and I was devastated to learn it had been mistakenly sold.

"It's horrific. Somebody's got a valuable piece for 20 quid that they don't own. It's caused so much distress".

The picture was on loan and displayed in the charity shop as part of the Foundry Artist Art Trail 2022, which included 20 locations across the town taking part in the two-week event.

The artwork was sold by mistake on the morning of Wednesday, July 13.

Hereford Times: The portrait of Jasper CarrottThe portrait of Jasper Carrott

KEMP and Hilary are now appealing to the customer to come forward to receive a full refund and reunite the picture with the artist.

Hilary J Baker, whose studio is located at Bewdley Museum next to the shop, also said she would complete a portrait drawing for the customer on its return.

Caroline Beech, chief executive of KEMP Hospice, said: “Our charity shops raise vital funds to help KEMP deliver care across the Wyre Forest, so we always want to support the community that helps to support us.

"We were devastated to learn that this genuine and unfortunate mistake had occurred, and everyone across the whole team is very concerned to see Hilary reunited with her picture as soon as possible.”

Gary Barnes, head of retail at KEMP said: “We have exhausted all avenues of tracking the picture down, which is why we are now appealing for help from our local community.

"We are genuinely sorry for what has happened. We’ve conducted an internal investigation and are confident that it was an unfortunate human error.

"We hope that the person who purchased the picture will understand and will get in touch to help us reunite it with Hilary.”

Hilary added: “KEMP’s Bewdley Shop does great work in support of the local community and KEMP Hospice, but the picture does mean a great deal to me so I would very much like to locate it and get it back to the studio.

"Along with KEMP, I’m appealing to anyone who might know its whereabouts to contact the hospice by emailing or by calling 01562 756 000 and I hope the picture can be returned as swiftly as possible.”

People can also contact Hilary via